Coaches, Help Your Clients Learn to Dance

I coach leaders who want to follow Christ and have an impact through their lives. They could be ministry leaders, corporate leaders, emerging leaders, or established leaders. Regardless of the scope of their influence, I enjoy helping clients learn to dance. Below is a tool that will enable you to learn to dance. In fact, [...]

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Coaching Tool: Circles of Responsibility and Concern

Two summers ago I was determined to build a deck on my house, and I had a plan. However, there were a few obstacles in my way, namely knowledge, skill, and tools. That’s not a problem; is it? Enter, my friend David. Although not an expert builder himself, David had the understanding needed to walk [...]

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Barnabus–The Penultimate Leader Developer

I believe that Jesus is the Ultimate Leader Developer.  He chose ordinary, uneducated men (according to Acts 4:13) and they turned the world upside down because “they had been with Jesus." I love what Gunter Krallman says, “On the basis of such ‘with-ness’ Jesus generated a dynamic process of life-transference which was meant to foster [...]

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Where to from Here? Breaking through the Leadership Plateau

Have you noticed that a few leaders continue to grow and flourish while most seem to stall at some point along the way? All leaders have a capacity for influence, and God is constantly developing that capacity within the leader. However, most leaders reach a point in their ministry and personal growth where their development [...]

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Spiritual Formation: How Thirsty Are You?

In 1996, a young US marine corporal named Joey Mora was standing on a platform of an aircraft carrier patrolling the Iranian Sea.   Incredibly, he fell overboard.  His absence was not known for 36 hours.  A search and rescue mission began, but was given up after another 24 hours.   No one could survive [...]

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