“Master-full coaching is a unique blend of Spirit-led curiosity and learned skills” (McCluskey, 2016).
But it’s not a topic I’ve found in any book—which makes sense because it’s more “caught” than “taught” (McCluskey, 2016).
So, what’s the best way to learn this technique?
What’s the best way to understand what it really is?
Listen in on coaching sessions where Spirit-led curiosity and learned skills collide to create awareness and momentum for the client.
Below are some of my favorite examples of Master-Full Coaching, along with the specific skills I learned to hone from each one.
If you don’t have time to listen to all four, pick the takeaway that resonates most.
Then go back to the bottom of this post for some reflection questions that are designed to help you implement “caught” skills.
You may even want to have the ICF’s Core Competencies handy as you listen in.

Master-Full Coaching

Master-Full Coaching
Master-Full Coaching with Jory Fisher, PCC
Develop trust and intimacy with the client so you can create openness and honesty.
mfc-michael-pfauMaster-Full Coaching with Michael Pfau, PCC
Manage the coaching process, not the agenda, so that the Holy Spirit leads the client.
mfc-charles-hooperMaster-Full Coaching with Charles Hooper, MDiv, PCC
Maintain coaching presence.
mfc-susan-whitcombMaster-Full Coaching with Susan Whitcomb, PCC
Employ reflective-listening, through using the client’s language, and make a positive impact.

What did you hear in these sessions?

How can you tell the coach is leaning on the Holy Spirit instead of leading on his or her own knowledge and skills?
What specific, powerful questions seemed to propel the client forward?
How does the coach use direct communication to respond to the client? How was it effective?
What’s the greatest lesson you “caught” from listening?
How can you implement the things you learned in your next coaching session?

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