“In some South Pacific cultures, a speaker holds a conch shell as a symbol of temporary position of authority. Leaders must understand who holds the conch—that is, who should be listened to and when.”

Max De Pree, Author

It’s the art of Master-full coaching through active listening.
On a sweltering summer day, I laid my inspirational fiction novel on the crumpled beach blanket beneath me. The beads of perspiration at my hairline and within the folds of my skin begged for the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean; so I made my way through the sand to take a dip.
At the water’s edge, the seafoam tickled my toes while my eyes caught sight of a beautiful treasure being tossed about by the incoming tide—a conch shell!
I ran back to the blanket, with my treasure, holding it up to my ear and delighting in the sound rushing from within. I caught myself listening in a way I never noticed before.
Somehow, I blocked out all the other sounds on the beach: seagulls squawking, people talking, children squealing, nothing appealing—except the soothing roar from the conch shell.
It captivated me and made me long to be a different kind of listener—a listener who could block out any and all distractions. It also churned up a desire to be heard with the same kind of focus.
Years later, I learned the essentials of life coaching through Professional Christian Coaching Institute. My instructors emphasized Master-full coaching through active listening.

Three Levels of Master-Full Coaching Through Active Listening

Co-Active Coaching defines three levels of listening:

  1. Internal Listening—awareness of self (the coach) and how information resonates personally
  2. Focused Listening—awareness of the speaker (the client) and how information resonates with him or her
  3. Global Listening—awareness of information sensed from the environment (what is not being said)

And with Master-full coaching, there is another level that trumps the rest.

Master-Full Listening

Master-full listening is keen awareness of the Holy Spirit of God and how His Word resonates with the client.
It changes everything! He changes everything—for good.
To hear an example of Master-full coaching in action, visit ProfessionalChristian CoachingToday.com and click on Master-Full Coaching with Michael Pfau, PCC.

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