“Balance is not about making everything even.” ~Co-active Coaching (2011)

Life seemed out of balance. I worked too much, played too little and longed for the type of life in which everything landed on an even keel.

I believed it possible until a wise woman spoke truth into my soul: “There is no such thing as balance. The truth is that we’re in a constant state of balancing.”
Wow! Talk about perspective-shattering news to a gal who strived for nothing less than perfection.
As I pondered the wise woman’s words and sought academic material, I found support for her stand. In Co-active Coaching, Kimsey-House et al. (2011) purport that “the issue of balance exists on two levels: the underlying quality of life and the day-to-day experience” (p. 130).
They further explain how we all seek a life in line with our vision so we may successfully juggle our priorities, employ tools to propel us forward and design proactive strategies.
Life Coaches support the essential balancing process by walking alongside clients as they…

  • Identify perspectives.
  • Make prudent choices.
  • Initiate commitments.
  • And craft action steps.

Take a second look at the picture.
At first glance, the shells may look identical—perfectly balanced. But take a closer look and you will notice some differences.
The one on the right bears a nick above the blue band (near center).
The one on the left wears a white scratch above the blue band (far left).
What other differences do you notice?
These shells remind me: life is neither perfect nor balanced. Some days are polished with peace and some days will render a few scars; but as long as I aim for balancing, my vision lines up—no matter if it’s even.
What is one small step you can take, today, toward balancing your life and living out your vision?
What might happen if you sought excellence, instead of perfection?

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