A PricewaterhouseCoopers study commissioned in 2007 by the International Coach Federation found that part-time coaches averaged annual salaries of $26,000 and full-time coaches were averaging $82,000.

Most of the coaches we have trained charge fees in the range of $150/month to $400/month for a package of 3 scheduled sessions per month. A very manageable caseload for a full-time coach is around 25 clients/month.

Gross income projections can therefore be estimated by multiplying the number of clients desired by fees within that range. Twenty-five clients, for example, at $250/month generates $75,000/year. Twenty-five clients at $350/month is $105,000.

Coaches who specialize in executive, corporate and leadership coaching often charge considerably more ($600 to $1,000+/month), but we encourage prospective students to make conservative projections when considering the field.

The financial viability of coaching is very real, and the overhead costs of a business run out of your home (as most coaches do) are quite minimal.

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