“Great coaching skills aren’t enough to achieve great outcomes cross-culturally. Neglecting to adapt to the increasing cultural diversity of those we serve is like refusing to switch from driving on the right side in North America, to driving on the left in India: unsatisfying outcomes will result!” – Tina Stoltzfus Horst, Dancing Between Cultures

This course is uniquely designed for:

  • Coaches who desire to effectively coach cross-cultural clients (clients of another ethnicity, race or nationality)
  • Coaches who desire to effectively coach missionary clients who are living and ministering cross-culturally

Coaches who lack cultural sensitivity will unwittingly coach from their own cultural values, assumptions and beliefs, thereby missing the opportunity to cross cultures and serve their clients well.

The aim of this course is to help you grow your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) so that you can become more culturally sensitive and serve your cross-cultural and missionary clients more effectively.

In this course you will explore:

  • Cultural values differences through the use of Marvin Mayers’ Basic Values Questionnaire from the book Ministering Cross-Culturally and further exploration in the book Dancing Between Cultures
  • Your own cultural values, assumptions and beliefs
  • The cultural values of your cross-cultural and/or missionary clients
  • How to practically adapt coaching skills across cultures
  • The unique call of missionaries who are living and ministering cross-culturally
  • The unique challenges of missionaries who experience stress due to difficulty with entry into their host country, culture shock, language acquisition, multi-cultural teams, educating their children, living and ministering cross-culturally, leaving well and re-entry into their home country.

In addition to in-class discussions, students are each assigned a volunteer missionary or cross-cultural client to coach in a concentrated internship experience over six (6) private sessions throughout the second half of the course.

*This internship enables us to provide 16 hours of ICF-approved training credit instead of 10 for the classroom content only.


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  • $75 monthly

Coming in 2020!

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