“The combination of two different ways of thinking can lead to a synthesis that enriches both. The unity that we seek is not uniformity, but rather a unity in diversity.” Excerpt from the Joy of Love by Pope Francis
I keep hearing and reading articles that talk about how we are so divided in this nation (United States). I believe a true coach approach can help unite us and lead us down the path to more unity. If more of our fellow citizens could learn the 11 ICF Core Coaching Competencies, we could each learn how to set a foundation, co-create a relationship, communicate effectively and facilitate learning and results. The issue is that so few of us know how to do this well!
One of my favorite things to do in a coaching relationship is to ask a question that makes the person completely stop and take inventory. A question that is so powerful it forces them to broaden their perspective to achieve new outcomes. A question so powerful that it even makes me take stock and think about things in a new way. During this whole process, I am also intently listening to them so that they feel heard and understood. This is the piece that is missing in many of our arguments and discussions today. We aren’t really listening and asking probing questions to each other. Instead, many of us are simply posting up opinions on social media and making broad assumptions about others.
Christian coaches, this is your call to use your unique skills and talents to bring unity to our divided nation. It is time to engage your peers and to ask powerful questions. It is time for you to teach others how to have healthy discourse and wrestle through difficult issues. We must engage. We must ask the uncomfortable questions. We must push for insight, action, and growth. Be brave. Be courageous. Be willing to ask the questions no one else is asking.
Perhaps what we need to unite this nation is to engage in more coaching. Perhaps what we need is to broaden our perspective rather than confirm our biases. Perhaps what we need is a diverse set of patterns stitched into a fabric that is complex in individual parts, but when stitched together weaves a tapestry of beautiful design with a singular purpose. A purpose that seeks more unity through coaching. A unity that seeks more diversity through coaching. A nation that is more unified because of coaching.
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