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Cross-Cultural & Missionary Coaching

The vision, passion & commitment of most missionaries speaks to the degree of 'calling' such persons feel. However, the challenges inherent in such callings can destroy their physical, mental & emotional health as well as their marriages, families & whole ministries. This course explores critical aspects of coaching those with such life callings and provides immediate application as each student engages in a 6-session internship, privately coaching an assigned missionary or cross-cultural minister.

Course Description

missionaryAs distinctly Christian professionally-trained coaches, we are well positioned to work with those in cross-cultural and missionary settings in the foundational work of coaching — Values & Vision clarification, operationalization of Missions & Goals, discernment of Opportunities, strategic handling of Obstacles, effective Communication across widely ranging Personalities and Cultural Differences, Team Building and the like.

This course, taught by a missionary, an overseer of missionaries and a third-generation pastor with a Masters degree in Cross-Cultural Missions, explores the many challenges of coaching effectively with those ministering in foreign cultures and unique domestic populations such as prison ministries, reservations, and rural or inner-city missions.

The burnout rate for those working in such settings is high and can be dramatically improved upon through informed coaching that takes into consideration such challenges as:

  • Financing
  • First-term Stress
  • Learning & Language
  • Becoming Bi-Cultural
  • Facing Unfulfilled Expectations
  • Living in a “Fish Bowl” (having very little family privacy, easily open to criticism)
  • Marital & Family Stress
  • Dealing with Civil Authorities
  • Handling Conflicts
  • Re-entering American Culture
  • Adjusting to Retirement and/or Termination

In addition to in-class discussions drawing upon two outstanding texts, students are each assigned a volunteer missionary to coach in a concentrated internship experience over six (6) private sessions throughout the second half of the course. In-class processing of these coaching experiences expands dramatically upon the readings and topic discussions with real-life application. (This internship enables us to provide 16 hours of ICF-approved training credit instead of 10 for the classroom content only.)

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Due to the coaching internship element in this course, eligibility is limited to those who have already completed BOTH the 40 hour Essentials of Coaching class (or approved equivalent introductory course in professional coaching) AND the 27 hour Coaching Skills Development practicum (or approved equivalent supervised coaching practicum.)

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