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Coaching for Spiritual Formation

This introductory course in Spiritual Formation Coaching is designed to equip coaches to assist others in their spiritual journey. Students will develop a greater appreciation for God's unique design and plan for their lives, and for the lives of others. Building upon a clear process of spiritual formation, the course provides a practical framework for Spiritual Formation - learning to recognize stages of faith, barriers to growth, and how to progress in knowing and following Christ.

Course Description

While considering their own spiritual journey and walk with God, students will be challenged to identify areas of progress, places where they may feel “stuck”, and possibilities for personal growth. These insights build empathy and insights critical when assisting others in their spiritual lives. Reading, class discussion, and practical tools will be introduced that will aid in spiritual assessment and growth. Coaches, this will enable you to help clients understand their unique place in God’s plan, and be personally transformed as they journey with Christ.

(Spiritual Formation) is a journey of the spirit that begins with the gift of forgiveness and life in Christ and progresses through faith and obedience. Since it is based on a relationship, it is a journey with Christ rather than a journey to Christ.”
– Ken Boa, from Conformed to His Image

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Upcoming Class Dates

March 2017

DAY: Wednesdays
TIME: 4:00 – 5:00 PM Eastern
DATES: March 15 – May 31, 2017 (Skip 4/5, 5/10)

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Required Texts

The Critical Journey: Stages in the Life of Faith
by Janet O. Hagberg & Robert A. Guelich

Sacred Companions
by David Benner & Larry Crabb

Conformed to His Image: Biblical and Practical Approaches to Spiritual Formation
by Kenneth Boa

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