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Do you sense you could be having a greater impact, but aren't sure how? Could God be calling YOU to become a Christian coach?

At its core, Christian coaching is empathetically walking with others like Jesus did, helping them to overcome both internal and external obstacles, and accompanying them into fully embracing God’s call on their lives.

Coaching skills aren't just for Christian coaches. Learning how to empathetically walk with others like Jesus did is quickly becoming THE essential skillset for pastors and ministers, teachers, leaders, executives, managers, and ALL Christians striving to build the Kingdom.

If you are a...

Pastor, Minister, or Church Leadership

Teacher, Coach or Youth Mentor

Ministry Leader, Speaker, or Chaplain

Corporate Executive or Manager

There’s a new cohort of Christians from all walks of life forming to learn these coaching skills—is God calling you to be one of them?

This program is designed to guide you on a transformative journey, regardless of your background or experience. Whether you're an established professional or leader seeking to expand your impact or an individual driven by a strong desire to make a difference in this world, this comprehensive, ICF-accredited coaching education program will equip you with the skills and expertise to step into your purpose, masterfully lead, and create meaningful change.

Chris McCluskey

Christopher McCluskey, PCC

"The Father of Christian Coaching"

President & Founder
Professional Christian Coaching Institute

We've trained over 4,000 coaches world-wide since 1999

Our students come from all walks of life, including business leaders and professionals, counselors/therapists, pastors and missionaries, nurses, and more. We train you in the coaching skills necessary to provide the highest quality coaching services while also equipping you to establish and grow a thriving coaching business.

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Registration in our foundational course - The Essentials of Life Coaching or The Essentials of Leadership Coaching - includes more than just a course; it's your gateway to the "PCCI Family", a supportive community of Christian coaches during a time when community is needed more than ever.

You don't have to do this alone.

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Real Results

Kimberly Moore

"I just completed The Essentials of Life Coaching course and already have my first official client – at $500/month! PCCI has provided me with a powerful launch."

-Kimberly Moore, Christian Life Coach

Brian Bennett

"I have taken 149 hours of training from PCCI and I have nothing but gratitude. Lots of money and time invested, and it was well worth it!"

-Brian Bennett, Kingdom Capital Leadership Institute

Jenn Nickel

"The training I received at PCCI has been both very professional and invaluable for this season of my career."

-Jenn Nickel, MBA, JLN Consultants

"I am LOVING this class! It has truly already been a transformational experience for me!"

-Dr. Saundra Wall Williams, The Master Vision Coach

Marshall Potter

"This training made a HUGE impact on me. As a financial planner and coach, it helped equip me to better assist clients in moving from dreams and desires to action."

-Marshall Potter, Sr. Wealth Advisor for Ronald Blue Trust

Marc Rutter

“I came away with new skills in listening and asking questions. Ultimately, I will now focus more of my energy on helping our leaders become better coaches.”

-Marc Rutter, Director of Leadership Development for Campus Crusade for Christ

Where Can Coaching Skills Help?


In the Workplace

As a manager or executive, you desire to be a leader who inspires not just professional, but also personal growth. Without even discussing religion, coaching skills can allow you to show your employees and mentees the love of Christ in action through dynamic and person-centered leadership.

In the Church

Pastors, spiritual directors, and lay leaders of various ministries are all called to be shepherds - but no one's really taught you how. The skills of coaching will allow you to accompany those under your care and lead them to heaven, teaching them how to discern and confidently live out the call of the Holy Spirit.


In the Classroom

Your students can't hear the truth about the world until they know the truth about themselves...and we can be assured the world isn't telling them. Coaching skills help teachers, youth ministers, and education professionals minister to their students, breaking through the lies to foster self-confidence and discern their future.


In Your Home

These skills are crucial even in your personal relationships, creating a home of understanding and peace that invites and attracts. People with coaching skills are able to better understand and manage conflicts with their spouses, react calmly to their children, and provide a place of peace noticeable to anyone who enters their home, from family friends to the repair man.

2024 Course Dates

Choose ONE of the course start dates below to begin your Christian coaching journey!

The Essentials of Life Coaching

January 2024

DATES: January 22 – May 13, 2024
4:00 – 6:00 PM ET

INSTRUCTORS: Andrew Gorter, MCC & Erica Vinson, PCC

The Essentials of Leadership Coaching

February 2024

DATES: February 20 - May 28, 2024

TIME: 6:00 – 8:00 PM ET
INSTRUCTORS: Kris Kelso, PCC & Nancy Lopez, PCC

The Essentials of Life Coaching

March 2024

DATES: March 26 - July 2, 2024

TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 PM ET
INSTRUCTORS: Steve Cromer, PCC & Linda Hedberg, PCC

The Essentials of Leadership Coaching

April 2024

DATES: April 22 - August 5, 2024

TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 PM ET
INSTRUCTORS: Todd Kemp, MCC & Pam Mertz, PCC

The Essentials of Life Coaching

May 2024

DATES: May 23 - September 5, 2024

TIME: 5:00 – 7:00 PM ET
INSTRUCTORS: Michael Pfau, PCC & Lisa Mladinich, PCC

Dan Miller

"Chris McCluskey is the Father of Christian Coaching, and Professional Christian Coaching Institute is the Mother of all training programs! I highly recommend it."

-Dan Miller
Professional Coach & NYT Bestselling Author
48 Days to the Work You Love

Jevonnah Ellison

“With students in more than 80 countries, Professional Christian Coaching Institute is TRULY raising the standard of coaching and changing the world!"

-Dr. Jevonnah "Lady J" Ellison
Author, Coach, President
The Entrepreneurial First Lady, LLC

Keith Gordon

“Professional Christian Coaching Institute is a model of the unity we should embody as community in the Church. Their coach training is the gold standard"

-Keith Gordon
Pastor & Coach
Director of Urban Outreach, Wheaton College

"As the world leader in Christian coach training, PCCI equips you to succeed. I completely support their mission, excellence, and their passion in pursuing it."

-Michael Gerber
NYT Bestselling Author
The E-Myth Revisited

The Essentials of Coaching has been carefully designed and tested to help you...

  • Master critical distinctions between coaching, counseling, consulting, mentoring, and discipling.
  • Learn the Core Competencies of Coaching as established by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • Integrate your Christian faith and worldview into your work with both Christian and non-Christian clients.
  • Develop the skills, tools and techniques necessary for effective coaching practice.
  • Explore Christian coaching principles in Scripture, using these as your basis and mandate for practice.
  • Learn to form a strong coaching alliance with your clients.
  • Study the latest research behind remarkable personal growth and lasting change.
  • Hear live role play demonstrations and case examples by your instructors – two ICF-certified coaches.
  • Process readings from three exceptional texts and get direct answers to your questions.
  • Practice coaching skills live in lab sessions with peer groups, and in class, receiving real-time feedback from instructors.
  • Learn to structure questions in a genuinely exploratory manner to avoid ‘leading’ your clients.
  • Develop the ability to hear beyond your clients’ words through their inflections, pace, energy, and even silence.
  • Become comfortable in confusion, embracing questions in a true spirit of curiosity and discovery.
  • Help clients operationalize their visions, setting measurable goals and timelines.
  • Learn empowerment skills to place clients more in-touch with their abilities and resources for dramatic life change.
  • Foster accountability that really works – through you, not to you.
  • Marshal pain and passion – the two great human motivators for change.
  • Understand the stages of personal and spiritual growth, and meet your clients in their own unique stages.
  • Learn what to do with resistance to change, and how to help a client get ‘unstuck.’
  • Identify and work with core values, vision, purpose, & mission.
  • Develop self-monitoring skills in your ‘use of self’ in this contractual, designed relationship.
  • Explore several major niches in Christian coaching to begin specializing in your areas of greatest passion.
  • Experience dramatic personal growth as you work through the very exercises you will use with clients.
  • Catch vision for the future of Christian coaching and how to position yourself in this explosive new field.

And much, much more...

Rick Newton

“As an experienced management consultant and successful entrepreneur, I thought I knew how to coach executive leaders to have an elevated level of life, leadership, and legacy. Boy was I wrong! I thank God for PCCI and The Essentials of Life Coaching class that enabled me to see how to better engage and empower the executives I work with on a daily basis. I highly recommend this course for anyone who works with leaders, regardless of your background or area of expertise. It will bless you and those God leads you to serve!"

-Rick Newton, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Executive Coach and Founder/Owner, Newton Institute

Your coaching journey starts as soon as you register and reserve your seat, plus you'll get access to this bonus package:

BONUS 1: Create Your Coaching Business Plan, a 3-hour master class taught by President & Founder Christopher McCluskey, PCC, that enables you to understand the inner workings of the coaching profession and what it takes to build a truly successful coaching practice. This course will serve as a lab in which you will 'count the cost' of growing a coaching practice that can sustain you the rest of your life.

BONUS 2: Professional Christian Coaching 2022 Virtual Summit, a 3-day live event conducted last year where 12 ICF-credentialed Christian coaches presented new perspectives to propel coaching forward. Topics include The Coaching Process, Coaching in Higher Education, Coaching for Resiliency in Difficult Days, and many, many more!

BONUS 3: Christian Coaching: Answering the Call to a Worldwide Movement, a series of talks Christopher McCluskey, PCC presented at the 2016 PCCI Family Retreat. Chris masterfully presents a foundation and vision for Christian coaching that will inspire you to raise the standard of coaching, and change the world in your own practice. Foundational teachings for every Christian coach!

BONUS 4: Access to the Power Lunch Library, an archive of hundreds of hours of training and Q&A with Christopher McCluskey, PCC and various team members, specifically geared toward students, on every topic imaginable under the sun - coaching challenges, various assessments, marketing ideas, growing your practice, coaching models, and much, much more!

You'll get access to this bonus package soon after registering so you can get a jump start on your training!

ICF Level 1 & 2

The ICF has accredited our institute as both a Level 1 and Level 2 education provider...

...which means that you can enroll in the Essentials of Coaching class having FULL CONFIDENCE that this course, as well as any other PCCI course, is fully accredited by the ICF. Additionally, this is your first step toward earning your ICF credential, as well as our internal Certified Professional Life or Leadership Coach (CPLC) certification.

Melissa Ford

“Now, more than ever, the world needs what Christian coaches have to offer. If you are thinking about using your talents in this way, the best starting point is The Essentials of Life Coaching class. This course provides the very foundation required to know how to best serve your clients by learning how to utilize the ICF Core Competencies, formulate powerful thought-provoking questions, and listen for the promptings of the Holy Spirit. The instructors both guide and challenge you to become the best coach possible. If you think Christian coaching is what God is calling you to, then the Essentials class is your next step."

-Melissa Ford, Life Coach at Confidence Key Coaching

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Train to be a Life Coach or Leadership Coach

The Essentials of Life Coaching and The Essentials of Leadership Coaching is the FIRST STEP along the path to professional coaching and ICF credentialing. Choose one or the other, depending on which path you'd like to walk.

Essentials of Life Coaching
Essentials of Leadership Coaching

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3 Payments

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6 Payments

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$2,310 $1,950 total

9 Payments

$260 monthly

$2,240 $1,980 total

Register for Essentials of Life Coaching
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NOTE: All payment plans include a monthly service charge.

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Thomas Kenyon

"Every instructor I had was very professional; no lightweights. Christianity is a constant thread. Their goal is solidly equipping coaches to coach to the highest industry standards. And it’s not just a school; you will belong to the fellowship of PCCI for your entire career."

-Thomas Kenyon, Real-Life Coaching

Lauren Rush

"PCCI is the best coach training available with Christian values, commitment to excellence, a supportive and prayerful community, and unparalleled training. I highly recommend it!"

-Lauren Rush, Lauren Rush Life Coach

Marylou Caskey

“PCCI coach training is life changing and one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The hand-on training is priceless."

-Mary Lou Caskey, Life Coach

"Professional Christian Coaching Institute is the only firm we trust to train our Halftime Coaches around the world."

-Jeff Spadafora, Director of Global Coaching Services at Halftime Ministries

Jeff Spadafora

Got Questions?

We have a team of Academic Advisors standing by to answer your questions and coach you to the best pathway for you. Fill out the form below to request a callback or email back.

Kevin McQuone

"The Essentials of Life Coaching class helped me appreciate the skill of coaching to help others make meaningful and lasting change they own because it is coming from them, not from us. One challenge ministers often experience is not knowing what to say in certain pastoral situations. This course teaches coaching skills ministers can use to help others discover paths toward greater flourishing far beyond the limitations of the minister’s pastoral training."

--Reverend Kevin M. McQuone
Director of the Propaedeutic Program at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary

Sandra Black

"The Essentials of Life Coaching offering provided me with a strong foundation of coaching skills and competencies that are directly aligned with Catholic values and professional standards of the ICF ethics and competencies. The Catholic track takes us to the next level with a specific cohort to increase opportunities for specific engagement and applications prayerfully discerned. This class has further developed my skills to better equip leaders and their teams in creative and professional ways that draws out the best of them."

-Sandra Black, ACC, Dual CPLC
Executive, Leadership, and Team Coach

Pat Molyneaux

"Enrolling in the The Essentials of Life Coaching course and getting to know the PCCI Community was absolutely one of the best self-development investments I made in my adult life. It’s a game changer for how I lead, coach, and live."

-Pat Molyneaux, Successful Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, and Co-Founder of the Human Formation Coalition

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be a certified coach after taking The Essentials of Coaching course?

Not Yet, but you'll be well on your way! The Essentials of Coaching is the FIRST STEP on the path toward certification AND credentialing. It's the first (and largest) in a series of 4 courses required for Life or Leadership coaching certification from Professional Christian Coaching Institute. It's also the first course required for ICF credentialing. Click here to view a table of requirements for certification and credentialing.

Is your program ICF accredited?

Yes! The ICF has accredited Professional Christian Coaching Institute as both a Level 1 and Level 2 coach education provider. Every course at Professional Christian Coaching Institute is aligned with ICF standards and all of our instructors are successful ICF-credentialed coaches.

What technology is required in order to take classes from PCCI?

Classes are delivered via Zoom. At the very least students need a phone and access to a computer with Internet in order to access the Student Center. This is the hub where students can view and print all course documents, listen to required course audios, obtain Zoom information for classes, and access other essential resources.

Do I have to attend classes live, or can I pace my learning?

All training at Professional Christian Coaching Institute is LIVE, requiring students to participate on a specific day/time by phone or computer. This allows for rich interaction between our faculty and students. Courses generally range from 10-15 weeks in length.