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How This Offer Works

It's quite simple actually...

If you're interested in giving yourself the gift of coach training in 2020 and want to explore pursuing a new career in Christian coaching, we want to help!

All you have to do is register for ONE of our 2020 introductory courses, and we'll send you a $250 gift card. This offer also includes our popular Bundle options (see below).

The only catch is that you MUST register by Friday, December 20th.

What are "introductory" courses?

Our introductory courses include The Essentials of Life Coaching and The Essentials of Leadership Coaching.

Both courses are our foundational, flagship courses and the best introduction to the field of Christian coaching that you'll find.

These courses are LIVE, 15-week, 40 hour courses, jam packed with all the basics of good coaching, and count toward our internal CPLC certification AND the International Coach Federation's (ICF) ACC, PCC, and MCC credentials.

See below for some of our upcoming 2020 course dates.

What about these "Bundles" I hear about?

We've also included our popular Bundles into this offer for even more savings, which allows you to purchase multiple courses at a discount, AND receive the $250 gift card.

See the chart below for various Bundle options, and please be sure to speak with an Academic Advisor to explore what might be the best fit for you.

Upcoming Course Dates

Below are the next three upcoming course dates. Click here to view the full course calendar for 2020.

Essentials of Life Coaching

January 2020 

DAY: Mondays TIME: 5:00 – 7:00 PM ET DATES: January 28 – May 20, 2019 INTRUCTORS: Andrew Gorter, PCC & Linda Hedberg, PCC

Essentials of Leadership Coaching

February 2020

DAY: Mondays TIME: 5:00 – 7:00 PM ET DATES: February 25 - June 17, 2019 INTRUCTORS: Bryan Brown, PCC & Cheryl Scanlan, MCC

Essentials of Life Coaching

March 2020

DAY: Tuesdays TIME: 5:00 – 7:00 PM ET DATES: March 19 - June 25, 2019 INTRUCTORS: Wende Gaikema, PCC & Michael Pfau, PCC

View 2020 Full Course Calendar for ALL Eligible Dates

Payment Options

This Christmas offer is valid on ALL our payment plans, meaning you can get started for as little as $200 down and $110 per month, and STILL get the gift card!

Full Payment Option

$2,000 full pay

NO payments

Deposit plus Balance

$400 deposit

$1,600 balance (due in 30 days)

Deposit plus 4 Monthly Payments

$400 deposit

$405 monthly

Deposit plus 8 Monthly Payments

$400 deposit

$205 monthly

Deposit plus 18 Monthly Payments

$200 deposit

$110 monthly

Here's What You'll Learn...

Essentials of Life Coaching

  • Welcome and introduction to life coaching
  • The coaching relationship
  • Different coaching models
  • Listening: The first pillar of coaching
  • Listening even more
  • Questioning: The second pillar of coaching
  • Understanding HOW people change & grow
  • Values and passion — the fuels that drive change
  • All about vision, mission and purpose
  • Planning the work and working the plan
  • Empowering and stretching clients
  • Dealing with obstacles, both internal and external
  • Balance and process
  • Targeting specific niches in coaching
  • Going forth in love and the future of coaching

Essentials of Leadership Coaching

  • Welcome and introduction to leadership coaching
  • The process of developing and maintaining trust
  • Managing your coaching presence
  • “Mindful” listening
  • Contracting for a successful engagement
  • The coaching conversation differentiator
  • What makes a question powerful?
  • Don’t get hooked! Direct vs. directive communication
  • Capturing emerging awareness
  • Developing relevant and high impact actions
  • Keeping the longer term view
  • A new kind of accountability
  • Addressing those big life words: fulfillment/purpose/legacy
  • Standards of conduct for coaching and Christian distinctives
  • Deepening the learning and going forward
Marc Rutter

“I came away with new skills in listening and asking questions. Ultimately, I will now focus more of my energy on helping our leaders become better coaches.”

-Marc Rutter, Director of Leadership Development for Campus Crusade for Christ

Kimberly Moore

"I just completed The Essentials of Coaching course and already have my first official client – at $500/month! PCCI has provided me with a powerful launch."

-Kimberly Moore

Marshall Potter

"This training made a HUGE impact on me. As a financial planner and coach, it helped equip me to better assist clients in moving from dreams and desires to action and active stewardship."

-Marshall Potter, Sr. Wealth Advisor for Ronald Blue Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology is required in order to take classes from PCCI?

The technology requirements in order to take PCCI classes are very minimal. At the very least students need a telephone (either landline or cell phone), and access to a computer with Internet in order to access our Student Center, the hub where students can view and print all course documents, listen to required course audios, obtain bridge line information for classes, and access other essential resources. Alternatively, if a landline or cell phone is unavailable, students can utilize a Skype PAID account to call in, provided internet speeds meet Skype's requirements.

Why are core courses offered only by telephone rather than video?

We intentionally designed our most important and fundamental courses for audio training only for several reasons:  

  • Isolate a student’s sense of hearing to potentially strengthen and refine the ability to listen deeply.
  • Challenge students to become aware of and learn how to manage the myriad distractions that reduce the quality of listening.
  • Become aware of the fact that so much of listening has become an exercise of “tuning out” and learn what and how to tune in appropriately in a coaching context.
  • Increase stamina for listening only conversations since such a high percentage of communication occurs by the phone and in coaching 80-90% of coaching is by phone.

Do I have to attend classes live, or can I pace my learning?

All ICF-approved courses (ACSTH) must be delivered in a "live" format, requiring students to participate on a specific day/time by phone. This allows for rich interaction between our faculty and students. Courses generally range from 10-15 weeks in length. 

Is your program ICF approved?

All of our courses are pre-approved (ACSTH — Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the highest standard of training in this profession.

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