Be More Productive By Doing Less

We live in a culture that tells us that we can do more and have it all, but the studies don’t bear this out. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that employee productivity has only grown .3% over the past 3 years, yet we are working longer hours and the average work week is [...]

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Humility in a World of Strengths

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented strengths movement. Folks are eager to discover their areas of strength, and what’s more, they’re expecting to use their strengths every day. There are more laborers than ever before focused on helping others to use their strengths. And what’s more, technology around strengths is burgeoning. In a general [...]

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The Messy Middle

I lost a client to the “messy middle” this week. I had a client who e-mailed me this week and decided to discontinue their coaching sessions before they realized the goal they set when they began the coaching process. They fell victim to what I have come to refer as the “messy middle.” The messy [...]

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Helping Clients Find Their Essential Strengths

In high school, there was a group of popular guys that I wanted to be part of. They wore construction boots, jeans, and flannel shirts to parties. To become one of them, I decided to dress like them. It was a shallow idea, but hey, I was a teenager. At the next party, I showed [...]

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10 Steps For Hiring The Right People

What does it cost your organization to replace an employee? Whether you’re a coach in private practice or part of a larger organization, it’s costly. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, replacing an employee can cost 6 to 9 months of the employee's salary. The numbers can go up depending on the specific [...]

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Coaches Don’t Build E-mail Lists

Coaches don’t build e-mail lists. They build relationship lists. When I first started building my coaching business I became laser focused on building an e-mail list. I believed this was the way to build a great coaching business. It seemed like everywhere I turned I saw articles and publications about the power of building an [...]

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How To Work With Dominant People Without Disengaging

I’m friends with them, work with them, am led by them. They’re around me at the office, at church, at home. I’m even married to one. Before we talked about how to work with compliant people without crushing them, and discussed the RightPath tool that helps our employees understand more about themselves and working with [...]

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The Reflection of Broken Glass

About a year ago, we had a freak accident at our house. We were in the bathroom giving our twins (Ainsley & Hailey) a bath and when we pulled them out to dry them the bathroom mirror literally fell off the wall and shattered into pieces. Our little Ainsley had to get four stitches on [...]

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