Course Dates Meeting Time Instructor Status
June 2022
Leadership Certification Bridge Course 6/14-7/26 Tue, 7p-8:30p ET Stephanie Gow Open
The Essentials of Leadership Coaching 6/15-9/21 Wed, 6p-8p ET Cheryl Scanlan & Kris Kelso Open
Coaching Skills Development 6/16-9/8 Thu, 7p-8:30p ET Steve Cromer Filled
Coaching Skills Mastery 6/22-9/14 Wed, 6p-7:30p ET Cindy Schmelzenbach Filled
July 2022
Coaching Skills Development 7/14-10/6 Thu, 3p-4:30p ET Kris Kelso Filled
Coaching Skills Mastery 7/18-10/17 Mon, 4p-5:30p ET Andrew Gorter Filled
August 2022
Group Coaching 8/8-10/17 Mon, 5p-6p ET Jordan Mercedes Open
Coaching Skills Development 8/16-11/8 Tue, 4:30p-6p ET Linda Hedberg Filled
Coaching Skills Development 8/16-11/8 Tue, 7p-8:30p ET Linda Hedberg Filled
Pre-Marital & Marriage Coaching 8/17-10/5 Wed, 7p-8:30p ET Rudy & Wilmer Graham Open
Coaching Skills Mastery 8/18-11/10 Thu, 4p-5:30p ET Cindy Schmelzenbach Filled
Ethical Practice & Risk Management 8/22-10/31 Mon, 1p-2p ET Jordan Mercedes Filled
The Successful Coach 8/24-12/7 Wed, 12p-1p ET Chris McCluskey Open
Developing Emotional Intelligence through Coaching 8/24-11/9 Wed, 7p-8p ET Kelli Porcaro Open
The Essentials of Life Coaching 8/30-12/6 Tue, 12p-2p ET Andrew Gorter & Cindy Schmelzenbach Open
September 2022
Coaching Skills Development 9/7-12/7 Wed, 3p-4:30p ET Gary Wood Filled
Coaching Skills Mastery 9/13-12/6 Tue, 5p-6:30p ET Todd Kemp Filled
Strengths Based Coaching 9/19-12/5 Mon, 5p-6p ET Brent O’Bannon Open
Coaching Skills Development 9/19-12/12 Mon, 7p-8:30p ET Steve Cromer Filled
Coaching with the Brain in Mind 9/20-11/22 Tue, 6p-7p ET Charles Stone Open
October 2022
Coaching Skills Mastery 10/5-1/18 Wed, 7p-8:30p ET Wende Gaikema Filled
Coaching Skills Development 10/13-1/26 Thu, 7p-8:30p ET Stephanie Gow Filled
The Essentials of Leadership Coaching 10/17-2/13 Mon, 7p-9p ET Nancy Lopez & Todd Kemp Open
Coaching Skills Mastery 10/18-1/31 Tue, 6p-7:30p ET Scott Frickenstein Open
Effective Executive Coaching 10/25-1/10 Tue, 8p-9p ET John Ramstead Open
Coaching Skills Development 10/27-2/9 Thu, 3p-4:30p ET Kris Kelso Open
November 2022
Coaching Skills Development 11/8-2/14 Tue, 7p-8:30p ET Steve Cromer Open
Ethical Practice & Risk Management 11/8-1/24 Tue, 7p-8p ET Helen Mitchell Open
Coaching Skills Mastery 11/9-2/22 Wed, 5p-6:30p ET Andrew Gorter Filled
The Essentials of Life Coaching 11/10-3/9 Thu, 4p-6p ET Kim Avery & Steve Cromer Open

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